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  • Mid size businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy

    It's time to treat them like it


    mid size businesses in the UK in 2017

    5 million

    people will be employed by MSBs by 2020



    of mid size businesses turning over £10m- £100m are located outside London


    is what MSBs will contribute to the economy by 2020



    is the value of MSB export


    MSBs outperform the market on job growth, productivity and investment in innovation



    The number of MSBs is increasing, while small and large businesses are in decline

  • What We Do

    MSBLeaders develop and deliver resources for directors of mid size businesses, to help them improve performance and contribute more effectively. We lead research to inform and underpin these resources, while providing a range of services to support MSB directors in their roles.

    Why we exist

    Our mission is to increase the economic impact and value of MSB directors, driving sustainable and conscientious business growth.

    Our ambition

    Our legacy will be to positively impact the UK's economy, reputation and peoples’ prosperity - at a national and regional level.

  • What problem are we solving?

    Board practices and director competency lie at the core of business performance. Yet directors of mid size businesses can’t go to one place for credible, practical support, whether ‘the basics’ or new and emerging issues. Nor can they access it in a user-friendly (digital) and affordable way.

    Our solution?

    We aggregate and simplify credible information about contemporary practices and issues for directors of mid size businesses. Our online platform allows them to access it in a convenient, user-friendly way.

    Who Are we helping?

    The founders, owners, directors, NEDs and leaders of 170,000 mid size businesses, who now face an ever-increasing spectrum of new and emerging responsibilities.

    How will we deliver the solution?


    2017/18/19 - R&D

    Identify, standardise and organise content relevant to mid size business leaders. Make that information easy to access, in one place, online and in person


    2020 - Deployment

    Launch the platform as an essential, personal business tool for leaders of mid size businesses


    2021 - Impact

    Use the platform to accelerate mid size business performance, and identify obstacles and issues for systemic attention


    2022+ - Legacy

    Measurably increase the economic and social contribution mid size businesses makes

    in the UK and, particularly, regional communities

  • The MSB Leadership Survey

    We are undertaking an unprecedented national survey of UK Mid Size Business Leaders’ priorities, preferences and support needs. Results will be used to develop much needed resources for them to grow - fuelling the UK economy.

    First of its kind

    The MSB Leadership Study will produce unprecedented data and unparalleled intelligence about this under-served category. But we can't do it alone. To have your say and gain access to the report, follow the link below.

    Roadmap for support

    For the first time, the MSB landscape will be greater understood at both a regional and national level, revealing mid size business leaders’ practices, priorities, needs, wants and capabilities. We will use this evidence to develop much needed resources.


    Independent evidence

    Without bias, conflict or agenda the study will be undertaken by Salford Business School. Our research is comprised of a short survey and in-depth qualitative deep dives. Be heard and contribute below.


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