• Watch the full findings presentation video

    This video, originally presented by EY in the Manchester, UK office, shares the importance of mid size business to the UK economy (and the north west economy) the role they play in future economic ambitions for the nation and the issues and opportunities revealed by the study (30 mins)

  • Watch the video from the Study's launch

    Some highlights from the Launch of the 2019 Mid Size Business Leaders Report in Manchester with a brief overview of why the study is important and revealing the long overdue classification for MSBs.

    (2 mins)

  • Executive summary

    If MSBs are to maintain their current economic contribution as well as realise national and regional industrial strategy ambitions, particularly in the context of Brexit uncertainty and a skills and talent shortage, they must evolve by leveraging their defining characteristics and resolving weaknesses.


    Government and industry recognition of MSBs as a distinct category and the provision of tailored policy, regulation, services and support is a binary requirement for success - and long overdue.


    MSBs themselves must lead this evolution with a focus on leadership diversity, emerging technology fluency, technology for productivity gains, innovation and contemporary workforce acquisition and retention.


    Read the Exectuive Summary to see the MSB strengths we should leverage and the weaknesses to address.

  • Why are MSBs important?

    For most, the term ‘mid size business’ (MSB) usually conjures up images of very little – or confusion with the SME concept.


    Despite their tremendous performance and contribution, MSBs remain unrecognised and underserved.


    Too big to benefit from incentives aimed at small business and too small to grab talent and attention like FTSE companies, MSBs fall into a regulatory, policy and profile gap.


    This was both the catalyst and starting point for our research.

  • Recommendations checklist

    Summary of Recommendations in response to Findings from the 2019 Mid Size Business Leadership Study.


    This summary of curated recommendations is not exhaustive but acts as a guide to improve MSB productivity and performance.


    We aim to build on these over time in the resources section.


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