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    There is no better way to live, nor greater legacy to leave, than to improve life for others

  • In 2014, two months after immigrating to the UK, my mother Dr Glenda Banks passed away. Like so many who lose a loved one, this tremendous loss had a profound effect on me and how I wished to continue living.


    My siblings and I packed away my mum’s things in such a relatively short amount of time and her ‘material self’ was gone. What remained, however, was so much more significant and meaningful, and it was then that I was struck by my mum’s legacy. Glenda was an editor and journalist for (at the time) Melbourne’s leading mainstream media.


    She was considered a champion of women’s rights and used her positions to take on many social causes to change the attitudes towards women in the 1970s and 80s. Her efforts led to changes in policy, regulation and laws for women’s health, child protection, sexual assault and family law.


    Remarkably, she also raised three children, earned a master’s degree and a doctorate, ran a publishing company, and published six books: A Respectable Married Woman, Mothers Really Matter, Fathers Really Matter, Helping Your Child Through Separation And Divorce, Your Guide To Successful Family Living and Options: A Handbook For The Elderly & Those Who Care For Them. While she had gone, her positive mark on society remains. Real people, families and children benefited (and still benefit) from the impact she had made.


    I set myself a challenge to do the same – to use my skills and the life I had left – to try and do something, imperfect as it may be, that would benefit people.


    This three-year study and resulting report aims to change policy, regulation and support for MSBs to make it easier for them to perform well and continue their vital role in our communities as employers and social contributors – particularly in regional areas where the prosperity gap is greatest.


    So this report is dedicated to Dr Glenda Banks, and all the people with what I call the ‘real’ jobs: teachers, nurses, doctors, carers, counsellors… anyone really who is working to enrich and improve our and our children’s lives through their skill, dedication, kindness and love.


    In the end, there is no better way to live nor greater legacy to leave than to improve life for others.


    Sarah McKenna

    Founder and Chair


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