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    MSBLeaders is a research and advocacy collective founded to make an impactful and lasting contribution to the economy by ensuring mid size business (MSBs) are better served to grow sustainably.


    We do this by making sure evidence and robust research inform government policy and regulation, academia’s programmes and education, and industry’s services and resources to better support mid size businesses in the UK and beyond.


    Importantly our research also arms MSBs with insight into their inherent strengths to leverage and alerts them to weaknesses or challenges they may with to address.


    Our mission is to raise the business impact and value of MSB leadership, directors and boards, to drive their growth and sustainability. If successful, we will positively impact and protect the UK economy and peoples’ prosperity both nationally and locally – a legacy to be proud of, and a prosperous future we can hand to the next generation.

    A Big Step Forward

    For three years we have been working in conjunction with Salford Business School to produce The 2019 Mid Size Business Leaders Report: Hiding in the Light.


    This is the largest study undertaken of UK mid size business directors to develop a clear classification for MSBs and evidence based insight into their defining qualities, priorities and challenges.


    Just the beginning

    While a tremendous effort and asset, the Report is just the beginning of a road to real change.


    We will holding a The MSBLeaders Action Summit on 20 November 2019 to bring government and industry together to act as a collective for regulation change and clear recognition that better supports MSBs.

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